A Year In The Life

As an organisation what does The Round Table mean to you? A shadowy, elitist clique full of 'captain of industry' types who want to be seen to be doing charitable work only to improve their standing in the community as they climb the social ladder? A junior partner of the Freemasons?

Outwith seeing them handing over large cheques in the loal rag are you even aware of the work that your local Round Table do for your local community? Until recently I had no idea of who they were or what they did, but as I have been fortunate enough to gain 'all areas access' to my local group for a year-long 'behind the scenes' photographic project I have had several of my own preconceptions, misconceptions and (I hate to use the term) prejudices challenged and disabused.

So this then has become my aim over the next year; to candidly photograph the behind the scenes work of my local RT group as they go about their business in order to give those people who are either oblivious to, or derisive of, them and their work a look at who the Round Table are and what they stand for. Who knows, maybe I'll even encourage anyone whose own prejudices have prevented them from getting involved something else to think about?